Jacob Moss is a journalist with a curiosity for travel.    

His journalism is the kind that is part of the newly minted multimedia breed, yet one that still believes in the pillars of old fashioned quality reporting and feature writing. On occasion, he can slip into the mould of more Gonzo journalism than objective reportage, however he values both forms respectively.

 He has worked for various magazines and newspapers in Europe along with highly regarded publications in Australia like The Australian newspaper and the online magazine Crikey. He specialises in the areas of travel, politics, society, culture and the obscure.

 Jake wandered a while back from the mucky suburbs of Salisbury, South Australia, not far from Adelaide.

 At some point he thought it wise to venture out into the world and learn something from it before trying to articulate it. This decision has lead to various sightings of him being made in South America, Austria and various other cities of Europe. He has just emerged from a year of travelling, interviewing and writing his way around Australia. Prior to this he was a reporter for South Australia's largest regional newspaper, The Border Watch, in the south east of the state.

 With a fascination for the interaction of different societies and their dwellers and the issues they face, his ambition is to one day express whatever it is that gives him that uncomfortable indigestion when thinking of such things.

 His insatiable want to learn about the world and then write about it continues and he hopes it will have him stumbling into the intimate pockets of South East Asia and wherever else the PickAPath Project will lead him.

The rest is for a chat, a wheeling and dealing of ideas to be had in a pokey café somewhere. Or you can just drop me a line now...


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What is 1+1?




What is UPickAPath?...

This is no ordinary travel blog and I am travelling in no ordinary fashion.

I am a journalist who made one final decision before boarding a plane in Australia destined for South East Asia - that I would surrender all decision-making on my travels and hand it over to others- including your most capable hands.

The choices I make and the path I take is determined by you. From what I eat, where I sleep, how I experience situations, the decisions I take whenever faced with the glorious conundrums of travel.

Consider me a traveling puppet on strings and you are the puppetours.