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Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to the north of Vietnam?

Just arrived in the capital of south Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City. Plan to head north to it's old communist capital, Hanoi. There are two paths to take. Should our path be...



Up and over the hills and rugged terrain of the road following the old Ho Chi Minh trail?


Dodge trucks and buses along the main artery of the country, Highway one.

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What is UPickAPath?...

This is no ordinary travel blog and I am travelling in no ordinary fashion.

I am a journalist who made one final decision before boarding a plane in Australia destined for South East Asia - that I would surrender all decision-making on my travels and hand it over to others- including your most capable hands.

The choices I make and the path I take is determined by you. From what I eat, where I sleep, how I experience situations, the decisions I take whenever faced with the glorious conundrums of travel.

Consider me a traveling puppet on strings and you are the puppetours.