The concept for UPickAPath was conceived in a moment somewhere between deciding to hitch a ride across Argentina’s vast Patagonia with a mean looking truckie and five hours later finding myself locked in a service station toilet.

The truckie looked as highly flammable as his cargo. Carting petrol, he told me he couldn’t drive over 60km/h. Our destination laid 2000km away. Half way through the trip I discovered he kept a knife under his seat for those that "piss him off". It was also revealed during light conversation that he was half blind due to a freak tango mishap with an ex-wife's high heel.

It was at about this point that I began to wonder whether I should grab my rucksack and run to the toilet at the next service station, lock the door, hide and not come out until he left. 

While sitting on that toilet floor a thought came to me. I wondered how interesting it would be to have somebody else make the decision for me in that moment, and I simply just follow their directions.

As a child I would read the Choose Your Own Adventure novels where at the end of every chapter the reader would be confronted by various options to choose from which would ultimately alter the plot, leading the reader on various different adventures. The outcome or ending of the story would be determined by them.

Through the interactive involvement of those that follow this blog, U PickAPath brings this concept to life, in which case, I am the protagonist yet so is the reader.

While there are the tedious decisions of traveling like choosing the chicken or beef for your inflight meal, there are also those which spring up organically from spontaneous situations, especially if the traveler is seeking a genuine and adventurous experience.

UPickAPath is interactive reality travel in a way.

I hope that from the interactivity of the UpickAPath experience, that invaluable travel tips for the destinations are exchanged, uncovered and highlighted.

So remember, this is real, your decisions will have real consequences and outcomes. May they never be ordinary.

Don't forget to breath...


What is UPickAPath?...

This is no ordinary travel blog and I am travelling in no ordinary fashion.

I am a journalist who made one final decision before boarding a plane in Australia destined for South East Asia - that I would surrender all decision-making on my travels and hand it over to others- including your most capable hands.

The choices I make and the path I take is determined by you. From what I eat, where I sleep, how I experience situations, the decisions I take whenever faced with the glorious conundrums of travel.

Consider me a traveling puppet on strings and you are the puppetours.




“Put the fun back in fundamentalism!”

-A Manchester boy, Thailand.



Small Things

In Cambodia, sometimes adolescent boys are forced to have their ear pierced and wear an earring as it is believed that doing suchn helps urge along a undescended testicle. Cambodia.