There once was a travel magazine named MERGE...

While UPickAPath is momentarily standing still, the pen and the stories keep moving….

Below is a sneak peak and an unashamed plug for an article of mine published in the spanking new travel magazine, MERGE.

It’s not just the egotistical orgasm of trivial self-promotion behind this brazen endorsement; it’s more the magazine’s take on travel writing as an honest reflection of the farthermost corners of the earth and a writer’s struggles, thoughts, observations and adventures in getting there.

Merging life and travel…I introduce to you the travel magazine, MERGE


Eight hours on a Lao boat to watch a woman pick her nose 

Where? Mekong River, Laos.

“ This is obvious in the scenes that stand still - as they have for hundreds of years - as we glide by on the river like some boat ride at a fair. Scenes of village life and of a people and an economy dragged along by agriculture like a plough being dragged by a buffalo remind me of a time I never lived. And that chickens have feathers and are not born as pink filets cling wrapped to guarantee freshness.

The river is the supermarket, the swimming pool, the bath, the kitchen sink, a source of occupation and wealth (however minimal it may be).

Men and women in dome hats pan for precious stones in its silty bed. Taut, young men spear fish, aged ladies squat on the muddy banks scrubbing laundry, river weed is collected for drying and eating, butt naked children wave excitedly as we pass. And as the sun begins to make its descent, it seems the whole village is down at the river bathing, including the buffaloes. It is alive with splashing, children laughing and soaped up men playfully pushing each other off rocks into the water. These people do not know the world and the world has no idea who they are. And unfortunately, after they have spent many years of standing still, the world is progressing in light years without them and seemingly not giving a shit who they are.”

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What is UPickAPath?...

This is no ordinary travel blog and I am travelling in no ordinary fashion.

I am a journalist who made one final decision before boarding a plane in Australia destined for South East Asia - that I would surrender all decision-making on my travels and hand it over to others- including your most capable hands.

The choices I make and the path I take is determined by you. From what I eat, where I sleep, how I experience situations, the decisions I take whenever faced with the glorious conundrums of travel.

Consider me a traveling puppet on strings and you are the puppetours.




“Put the fun back in fundamentalism!”

-A Manchester boy, Thailand.



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In Cambodia, sometimes adolescent boys are forced to have their ear pierced and wear an earring as it is believed that doing suchn helps urge along a undescended testicle. Cambodia.