Eating with the locals: Pig's Ear and Arteries

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Puppetours were indecisive on this one. While Pig’s ear led for most of the day, the arteries of an unidentifiable creature came from behind to claim its place on my plate.

 By dinnertime, the path led to pig’s ear. However, due to a “technical difficulty” on the website, people kept voting. I checked in after returning home late last night to discover that UPickAPath had taken on a life of its own and arteries had taken the trophy. So I only thought it fair to head back and also try the arteries. Here’s how it played out.

PS- read all the way through for the video!

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Chapter one: Operation Marina Bay Sands Hotel stowaway

Life looks different from the swimming pool on top of Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Hotel. It is a shame it requires so much money to experience it. Then again...


We had been told security was tight in the hotel and there would be staff behind many doors checking for guest cards. A local even told us that if they catch us that we’ll be handed over to the police, nevertheless he voted for us to try this stunt. The nerves were rioting with the thought of Singapore’s infamous reputation for brutal and severe reprimand for the most modest offences. Failure to flush a public toilet in this city after use can result in hefty fines and chewing gum was outlawed as strictly as marijuana up until recently. It is also illegal to pee in an elevator- which I guess is quite reasonable. I digress...

My first plan of attack was to be up front and attempt to convince the concierge to make an exception. This went nowhere even though I offered to clean the pool and told him he had beautiful eyes. The alternative involved a daring scheme where we would get off several floors earlier before reaching the 57th floor where our target awaited us.


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What is UPickAPath?...

This is no ordinary travel blog and I am travelling in no ordinary fashion.

I am a journalist who made one final decision before boarding a plane in Australia destined for South East Asia - that I would surrender all decision-making on my travels and hand it over to others- including your most capable hands.

The choices I make and the path I take is determined by you. From what I eat, where I sleep, how I experience situations, the decisions I take whenever faced with the glorious conundrums of travel.

Consider me a traveling puppet on strings and you are the puppetours.




“Put the fun back in fundamentalism!”

-A Manchester boy, Thailand.



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In Cambodia, sometimes adolescent boys are forced to have their ear pierced and wear an earring as it is believed that doing suchn helps urge along a undescended testicle. Cambodia.